thirtyseventhirtyseven is a cohort of Eastfield faculty and staff members who are excited about the written word.


In an effort to learn a little more about our group, we drew names and wrote each other’s bios below. Don’t believe everything you read (just most of it).

The 2016 thirtyseventhirtyseven editorial panel:


Amy Dennis earned three things from the University of North Texas: her Bachelor’s degree, her BFF, and an appreciation and respect for horses (including an important lesson about the explosive response of their digestive system to ingesting a little more grain than usual). The avid Avett Brothers fan will travel great distances to see her favorite band in another state, especially if said BFF lives near the concert venue and is a partner in crime and ticket recovery. Amy, who earned her Master’s degree from Texas Christian University, isn’t from Mesquite – the loving mom of two is originally from Abilene – but she got to Eastfield as quickly as she could, counting among her many achievements the creation of this blog.



Megan Horlander is a savvy librarian with a flavorful past.  Plagued with too many interests, she pursued real estating, lawyering, historianing, and artistrying before embracing her ultimate passion of librarianing.  For Megan, the definition of happiness is an afternoon including one or more of the following activities: hiking, embroidering, marathoning “X-Files” on Netflix, and spending quality time with her snuggly yet incredibly jealous cat, Fitz.



Michael Morris is a coffee cup collecting English Professor that has the love of a good cat. He can often be seen wandering around the halls of Eastfield College with a beloved cup searching for something to fill it with. He is the author of many poems, short stories, and text books.



Sabine Winter is German, but not uber-German. I mean, you can tell she has an accent, but it is charming, like her. In addition to her love of great writing and people, she is really into horses. I don’t mean cutesy stuff like you see on the interweb and truck commercials, but real live horses. Someone told me she had like, forty, all named Ginger for some reason.



Lauren Young is a Jill of all trades: karaoke queen, canine care-giver, concerned counselor, and commander of creative nonfiction. After smashing every school record at St. Edward’s University, Lauren killed it during her Master’s studies at Endicott College, eventually overthrowing the school’s administration and turning the entire campus into a state-of-the-art pug rescue sanctuary. Upon arriving at Eastfield, Lauren took a look around, turned her face to the heavens, and declared, “One day this will all be mine.”


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